China’s “Internet Plus” economy accounts for one-third of the nation’s GDP with a growth of 15 percent year-on-year. The expansive digitalized ecosystem is in the midst of a digital payment revolution with the number of mobile merchant payments expecting to rise to 577 million in 2019 and to almost 700 million in 2022. Robust growth in technological innovations such as 5G, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence is also driving market demand.

Our data centers in China are strategically situated in metropolises like Shanghai, Nanjing, Nantong, Beijing, Xi’an and Foshan. We are developing greenfield data centers in Nanjing and Nantong, both located in the Jiangsu province. In line with the Integration Initiative of the Yangtze River Delta – the megapolis that covers areas of Shanghai, southern Jiangsu province and northern Zhejiang province – this allows for interconnectivity and backup, forging a new highland that integrates cloud computing and big data analytics across the region.

Shanghai, Fengxian

Shanghai, China’s second-largest city serves as a Level 1 telecommunication backbone node, making it a major hub for cloud computing, financial services, and multi-national corporations.

Our 42 MW Fengxian campus is one of the largest in Shanghai with access to reliable electricity and major telecommunications providers.

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Nanjing is a Level 1 city for telecommunication in China. Located in Nanjing Jiangning National High-Tech Industrial Park to serve the Jiangsu region, our 40 MW campus houses a total of 5 data center buildings over a land area of 35,000m2. With access to multiple service providers, it attracts software companies, internet companies, and technology startups in Artificial Intelligence.


Nantong is the nearest large cloud computing base to Shanghai. Our 60 MW data center is in the IDC park in the Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone. Direct telecommunication links make this a key location for businesses operating in the Shanghai metropolitan area with additional capacity requirements or disaster recovery needs.


The city of Foshan neighbors Guangzhou, one of China’s largest network hubs located in the economically dynamic Pearl River Delta region. Foshan is close to Hong Kong and Macau and is easily accessible via three intercity railway lines.

Our data center is located in the Foshan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, alongside the smart manufacturing enterprises spearheading Foshan’s growing digital economy.

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Xi’an in Shaanxi province is a major hub for cloud computing, data technology, and innovations like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Our data center is strategically located in the Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone.


Bejing is one of China’s major internet hubs, business hubs, and home to many renowned multinational corporations.

Our data center is located in the Daxing district of Beijing.

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Why PDG in China?

Gain in-roads to China’s metropolises

Our mature data centers spanning across key metropolitan cities and in the Yangtze River Delta enable us to serve the large demand for cloud computing and big data analytics in the region.

Superior Development and Operations

Enjoy comprehensive data center services in the form of large data center campuses. With complete land ownership, we build independent campuses with customizable and flexible plans based on your requirements, while adhering to high-quality design and construction standards that are consistent across all our facilities.

Reliable resources for you to scale

All our current projects are developed on our own properties and have undergone local energy and environmental assessments and obtained the relevant permits. With stable power supply and the use of leading energy management technologies, PDG is a partner that meets your scalability needs for both present and future developments.


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